LankaPropertyWeb, the company behind the country’s leading property show, the Lanka Property Show, has announced the launch of the 2nd successive ‘Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual’ which will be live to the public from 9 am onwards on the 26th of March to the 28th of March.

With the successful completion of the first ever Virtual Property Show in July 2020 visited by over 6000 property buyers from around the world during the 3 days, this year the event has upgraded its features further. From live video calls with developers and agents to interactive 3D walkthroughs, the Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual provides a realistic view and feel of property to discerning property buyers.

The event aims to connect developers with buyers locally and overseas without geographical limitations. It will also offer exclusive deals on property prices up to 15% off on current selling prices of the listed developments. These discounts provided by the developers will only be available exclusively during the property show.

“Following the success of our Lanka Property Show series, we have moved the show to a virtual platform due to restrictions on public gathering. This would be our 7th property show and 2nd virtual event, to-date. The format of the virtual event would be similar to that of the physical events—where we bring buyers and developers into one platform with the added advantage of being able to attend the event whether you live in Malabe or Melbourne. This time we are also using technology such as 3D walkthroughs and live video chats to make the decision process easier,” said Daham Gunaratna, the Managing Director of LankaPropertyWeb.

He further added that with the government’s ongoing repatriation scheme, the opening of the airport for tourists, the reduction in mortgage loan rates and Sri Lankans looking to improve their standard of living, the need for housing in the country is increasing continuously. The stable property market experienced despite the pandemic is further evidence of this trend. Making now the perfect time for sellers to reach property buyers.

At present, over 20 developers have signed up with the show to feature over 25 top developments in Sri Lanka. Some of these developments include Colombo City Centre, Fairway Properties and 96 Residencies by Jat Living.
Alongside the virtual property show, the ‘Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual Conference’ will take place featuring over 20 industry professionals including lawyers, structural engineers, architects, interior designers, leading property agents and developers.

The conference will feature topics catering to specific audiences such as real estate investors, real estate agents, private owners, first time home and land buyers, landlords and those looking to build homes. It will be conducted over a course of 6 sessions during the 3-day event. The audience will be able to pre-register for the conference by visiting the virtual property show page on the website. The sessions will be available live and on-demand for those who cannot attend the live event.

Why Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual? Why Now?
The COVID-19 outbreak in the country has created many restrictions for businesses. However, it has also opened up more avenues for organizations to explore virtually. The Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual comes at a time where the most demand for property in Sri Lanka falls. It opens up an avenue for property buyers to satisfy their need for housing despite the restrictions posed by this pandemic.

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The Virtual Experience Centre at the Lanka Property Show 2021 Virtual will feature a collection of 3D walkthroughs of exhibitors. To offer this special feature for the first time, LankaPropertyWeb has partnered with MagicSpace by Viral Media (Pvt) Ltd capturing the show apartments of exhibiting developers using 3D walkthrough technology. Users will be able to walk through a range of developments virtually from the comfort of their home.

To Register for the event, visit