Press Releases 12-17-21




15-Nov-2021 Legal Restructure and Updated Investor Presentation
15-Nov-2021 Legal Restructure and Updated Investor Presentation
11-Nov-2021 Update on Adevinta Acquisitions
8-Nov-2021 Appointment of non-executive director
28-Oct-2021 Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C 3Q 2021
25-Aug-2021 2021 Half Year Results Presentation
28-Jul-2021 Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C 2Q 2021
15-Jul-2021 FDV moves to majority ownership of Hoppler
17-Jun-2021 Appointment of Chief Financial Officer
9-Jun-2021 FDV moves to 100% ownership of InfoCasas
29-Apr-2021 Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C 1Q 2021
25-Feb-2021 Acquisition and 2020 Full Year Results Presentation
Frontier Digital Ventures 2020 Results Conference Call – Audio Recording
Frontier Digital Ventures 2020 Results Conference Call – Transcript
25-Feb-2021 Strategic Acquisition of Yapo in Chile
28-Jan-2021 Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C 4Q 2020
21-Jan-2021 FDV acquires remaining 43.7% interest in Moteur
21-Jan-2021 FDV strengthens leadership team with the appointment of three experienced executives
20-Jan-2021 Partial sell down of Catcha Group’s shareholding
16-Dec-2020 Change of Director’s Interest Notice – ML & AK
14-Dec-2020 FDV added to the S&P ASX All Technology Index
07-Dec-2020 Zameen Valuation Update
23-Nov-2020 Hoppler to acquire direct competitor
10-Nov-2020 Successful completion of Strategic Acquisitions
03-Nov-2020 Successful completion of Retail Entitlement Offer
12-Oct-2020 Successful completion of Institutional Offer
08-Oct-2020 Strategic Acquisitions and Equity Raising
09-Sept-2020 InfoCasas enters Brazil through new partnership
26-Aug-2020 2020 Half Year Results Presentation
29-Jul-2020 Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C
13-Jul-2020 Strategic institutional placement
09-Jul-2020 Encuentra24 transaction extends market leadership
30-Apr-2020 Improved profitability and balance sheet despite COVID-19
08-Apr-2020 Appointment of Chief Financial Officer
03-Mar-2020 FY19 Results Conference Call Transcript
27-Feb-2020 FY19 Results Presentation
24-Feb-2020 FDV increases shareholding in iMyanmarhouse and LankaPropertyWeb
06-Feb-2020 Sale of Propzy shareholding accelerates portfolio-wide profitability
31-Jan-2020 Record revenue as portfolio-wide profitability approaches
18-Dec-2019 FDV increases shareholding in AutoDeal
13-Dec-2019 Infocasas update and institutional placement
31-Oct-2019 Record quarterly revenue continues
23-Sept-2019 Valuation uplift at MeQasa
27-Aug-2019 1H 2019 Results Presentation
29-Jul-2019 Record half year revenue up +82%
30-May-2019 update
29-Apr-2019 Breakout quarter with strong progress towards profitability
01-Mar-2019 FY18 Results Conference Call Transcript
26-Feb-2019 FY18 Full Year Results Presentation
30-Jan-2019 Full Year 2018 Revenue and Profitability Guidance Exceeded
19-Dec-2018 LankaPropertyWeb Update and Acquisition
07-Dec-2018 Strategy Execution Update
20-Nov-2018 FDV increases stake in Hoppler
05-Nov-2018 Eternal Funding to drive towards profitability
26-Oct-2018 Strong portfolio revenue growth and FY18 guidance reaffirmed
25-Oct-2018 Bell Potter Emerging Leaders Conference Presentation
04-Sept-2018 1H FY18 Results Conference Call Transcript
28-Aug-2018 1H 2018 Results Presentation
01-Aug-2018 FDV completes monetisation of IZH call option
30-Jul-2018 Half year results and FY18 revenue update
17-Jul-2018 Update on upcoming option exercises
01-Jun-2018 Monetisation of IZH Holdings call option
30-May-2018 FDV Entitlement Offer
28-May-2018 Successful Completion of Institutional Entitlement Offer
23-May-2018 Entitlement offer presentation
23-May-2018 Fully underwritten A$14.4m entitlement offer
18-May-2018 FDV increases stake in
03-May-2018 Zameen valuation increase
24-Apr-2018 Consistent revenue growth and progress towards profitability
10-Apr-2018 Portfolio progression to profitability
21-Mar-2018 FDV increases shareholding in
06-Mar-2018 FY17 results conference call transcript
15-Feb-2018 FY17 Full Year Results Presentation
29-Jan-2018 Consistent and strong revenue growth across quarter and full year
21-Dec-2017 Appointment of New Chairman
20-Dec-2017 Strategy Update
29-Nov-2017 Valuation uplift further validates FDV strategy
22-Nov-2017 FDV commits to increase stake in
03-Nov-2017 Acquisition of Jumia Portfolio Businesses
27-Oct-2017 September Quarterly Update
05-Oct-2017 Investment into leading SE Asian property agent portal
28-Sept-2017 FDV exits from IMCongo investment
18-Sept-2017 Year in Review Presentation
07-Sept-2017 Investment into #1 property portal in Uruguay and Paraguay
28-Jul-2017 Record quarterly revenue performance
23-Jun-2017 Option exercise to increase ownership of
05-Jun-2017 Investment into two leading SE Asian online classified portals
28-Apr-2017 1Q 2017 portfolio revenue up 87% vs pcp
24-Mar-2017 Investment in leading Sri Lankan property portal
27-Feb-2017 2016 Full Year Results
06-Feb-2017 Company Update
31-Jan-2017 Appendix 4C-4Q 2016
16-Dec-2016 FDV increases stake in leading Central American online marketplace investment
31-Oct-2016 FDV releases posts-IPO 4C
24-Oct-2016 FDV participates in Zameen capital raising
26-Sept-2016 FDV increases stake in leading online auto site
08-Sept-2016 FDV increases equity shareholding in online marketplace leaders
26-Aug-2016 FDV IPO launch
04-Aug-2016 FDV appoints new director
15-Jun-2016 FDV appoints new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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