Online car-buying platform has seen an astonishing increase of 72% in the number of dealerships utilizing its platform since the beginning of the enhanced community quarantine. Many new brand partnerships at the OEM-level have joined the AutoDeal ranks. Such household or soon-to-be household names like Kia, Maxus, Chery, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu are all taking the initiative to drive their sales online and to further enhance their presence.

All of these brands are in addition to AutoDeal’s roster of already-existing partners which now account for more than 468 car dealerships, a figure that represents approximately 75% of all new car dealerships in the country.

As the number one online automotive marketplace in the Philippines, AutoDeal contributes to more than 30,000 vehicle sales per annum through its industry-leading volume of partner dealerships nationwide. The company expects more sales to be driven from online services and attributes this to the growth of ‘on-demand’ consumerism, which has been rapidly accelerated as a result of the recent pandemic.

“We’ve been driving a high volume of vehicle sales even before the quarantine. The rise of on-demand services has shown that consumers don’t want to wait, fall-in-line, or perform unnecessary travel to acquire services and information that can be readily provided online. The community quarantines have accelerated this requirement for consumers while at the same time forcing dealers to reflect on their digital strategies with more urgency than ever before,” stated AutoDeal co-founder Christopher L. Franks.’s platform allows consumers to do research, find promos, and connect with dealerships online. These site features equip the individual with a wide range of car-buying tools that allow for the best prices along with the best and most convenient route to car ownership. Prospective clients can also find dealerships that are most convenient for them to transact with or the one that gives them the best possible deal and experience.

Following these core features is the new ‘Buy Online’ feature that unlocks another aspect of the car-buying experience, which is reserving a unit especially for the customer. This new ‘button’ adds to the list of innovations and provides anyone with the means to make an online reservation without having to leave the comforts of their own home to physically go to a dealership to just browse.

Consumers will find that browsing the AutoDeal website yields pertinent information to the consumer with transparent and up-front facts meant to help them along with their purchase. A comprehensive online ecosystem ensures that customers get high-quality responses from partner dealerships. Thanks to the lead-management system that is pioneered by the company, dealers can easily manage their inquiries from prospective clients. The combination of consumer and dealer-facing technology is what enables AutoDeal to be successful in generating regular vehicle transactions across its platform.

With all that being said, with more partners and more brands brought into the fold, AutoDeal assures a stronger and more comprehensive user experience for its website. Dealership visits will only be needed to either see the unit in person or to pick up the released vehicle, thus limiting the amount of social contact and exposure that an individual might have when purchasing a brand new automobile. Social distancing and other factors that serve as hurdles to complete a transaction will not be much of a problem with these online services. – Business World