Buyers were offered exclusive discounts on developments and 24/7 support during the event

More and more companies are turning to the virtual world to answer the issues large gatherings pose while the world struggles to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. One such company is LankaPropertyWeb, the parent to property portal

This month, the company facilitated a real estate event called the Lanka Property Show 2020 Virtual. The event started on July 3rd at 9 am and continued until midnight on July 5th. It was the 6th annual Lanka Property Show, but the first time held completely online.

Daham Gunaratna, the Managing Director of LankaPropertyWeb, said:

“Since the curfew started in Sri Lanka we had a drop in traffic, but then a sharp increase was recorded since the start of early May. The month of May broke our traffic records for the highest amount of Organic traffic received, which goes on to show that more people are looking at buying or renting properties at the moment. Interestingly there was a 9% increase in overseas traffic during this period, with Europe accounting to 19% of that increase.”

There were more than 15 developments by over 10 developers exhibited at the event where buyers could utilize event-exclusive offers on properties with up to 15% off on current selling prices. Buyers could reserve a property online with just paying a fee through the website’s platform.

Representatives were available around the clock to better facilitate foreign buyers interested in Sri Lankan property at discount prices.

Gunaratna continued:

“This property show would not only assist overseas buyers to find great property deals in the country but also the savvy local property buyers looking for the best deals they can get in the current market.”

There has been a surge in virtual expos around the world as its a great way to continue business as usual without risking the spread of the deadly virus. This is a trend that is predicted to gain popularity in the near future. – Online Marketplaces