Hoppler Inc, one of the leading digital real estate brokerages in Metro Manila, announced the acquisition of ZipMatch, one of the top real estate property portals in the Philippines.

ZipMatch, founded in 2013, pioneered many of the real estate technology tools used in the Philippines such as a mobile-ready website, a real estate-focused customer relationship management system and virtual reality, 360 degree property tours. To date, ZipMatch has raised more than $4 million from top venture capital firms over the lifespan of its business.

Hoppler continues to lead the effort in Metro Manila in digitizing solutions for the real estate brokerage sector. Hoppler was the first real estate brokerage in the Philippines to release a mobile-app and developed real estate-focused software that led to thousands of transactions online.

“We’re beyond excited for the ZipMatch team to join our group. With ZipMatch’s extensive online presence across Metro Manila and beyond, their reach and expertise expedites our plans of bringing complete digital real estate services to more areas,” said Ramon Ballesca, chief executive at Hoppler.

“We fully understand that ZipMatch has successfully served the real estate brokerage community for a number of years now. ZipMatch’s site will continue to be shared with our fellow real estate professionals in the industry, without any conflict. For our real estate partner brokers who are within Hoppler’s network, we will utilize the site to further highlight and grow your business,” said Ballesca.

“Hoppler has built a strong, reputable brand across the high-end segment of Metro Manila real estate. We look forward to joining Hoppler’s team and enjoying opportunities of expanding the business together,” said Chow Paredes, chief executive of ZipMatch. – Manila Standard