PANAMA CITY, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Encuentra24.com is Panama sharing pleasant experiences worldwide. It’s a story about vision, growth, perseverance and love for dreams achieved with a clear business focus and a commitment in the countries where it operates.

This story goes back to 2005, when finding an apartment in Panama on your own was a complicated process without any digital information. This is why its founders, Wendy Jordan (Panamanian) and Boris Métraux (Swiss), used good business sense and decided to create a web site for classified ads that would be available to everyone that has a service or employment opportunity to offer…or to people who have something to rent, sell or wish to purchase, which gave birth to an entrepreneurial venture that goes beyond the borders of the Isthmus – Encuentra24.com.

Today Encuentra24.com is a thriving company with more than 100 employees working at its principal offices in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where continuous improvement efforts, corporate strengthening, operational quality and technical innovation are implemented.

Encuentra24.com is a platform that improves the economies of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, where it received more than 7,500,000 visits to its web page and mobile applications during the month of January which generated 600,000 downloads and accumulating more than 1,400,000 sales contacts, making the company the indisputable leader of online classified ads in Central America.

Only in Panama there were more than 98,000 contacts for automobile purchases during the month of January and reaching a new record of 177,000 real estate purchase contacts, as well as 237,000 contacts in the employment section.

Encuentra24.com management has turned the company into the benchmark institution of statistical data in the real estate, automotive and employment sectors…making very valuable statistical data accessible.

All these achievements and projects could not go unnoticed and the company Frontier Digital Ventures (global experts in online classified ads businesses headquartered in Kuala Lumpur) invested in the company, allowing it to list itself on international stock markets…specifically the Australian Stock Exchange.

Encuentra24.com contributes to the economy through a responsible operation focused in facilitating trade among its users, offering excellent service via a secure platform transforming the purchase and sale of products and services into an easy and rapid transaction, creating continuous business opportunities. – Encuentra24.com