PANAMA CITYJuly 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An equal number of Panamanians like other Central Americans have turned to the internet to find homes, and Encuentra24′ statistics speak for themselves.

According to the group overseeing the digital marketplace, more than $1.1 billion in sales and rental business is generated for the Panamanian real estate industry through annually.

Realtor commissions originated from sales and rentals through Encuentra24 amount to $8.8 million.

The average consumer seeking housing spends at least 15 minutes navigating the online platform per session, and tens of thousands use it daily. Thanks to this and its key role in generating income, Encuentra24 establishes itself as the absolute medium for the sector.

To provide some perspective, contributes roughly $1.8 billion a year from the real estate sector, and real estate agents commission $4.6 million each month on sales alone.

In terms of rental figures, generates about $50.4 million every year and real estate agents who book rentals via the platform generate $4.2 million in income every month.

These figures stem from the high audience volumes the platform generates which in Panamareach 800,000 individuals and over 2.2 million visits to the website every month. Of that total, there are 200,000 users making 600,000 visits and over 100,000 real estate sales inquiries on a monthly basis.

Casas24, a Guarantee of Commitment and High Standards

Due to the growing demand for online property listings, the team behind Encuentra24 has launched a novel and exclusive concept under the brand

The new portal is a proposal focused on the real estate market and has been designed by Encuentra24 with the aim of maintaining the same effectiveness of its parent site while better catering to licensed brokers and exhibiting their high-end property listings in the region.

According to its founders, has created real estate portal using cutting edge technology, big data, and business intelligence to further support the real estate industry and reduce property non-occupancy time. The objective is to create a more liquid, transparent and agile market…

Company officials confirm that Casas24 will be exclusive to real estate brokers who hold a valid, up-to-date and verifiable brokerage license, as well as developers of new projects and legitimate property owners.

According to Wendy Jordan, Chief Operations Officer and Founder of, “With Casas24 we take real estate platform security and assurance to new heights for buyer and broker alike.”

“The platform we have holds such rich data that we play a part in 50% of all sales and rentals within the region. And we want to take this to a whole new level with”, remarked Jordan.

Additionally, the highest demand locations will be showcased to attract potential customers, and the design for newly constructed listings will be displayed to stand out from those of second-owner properties.

About Encuentra24
With main operations in PanamaCosta Rica, and Nicaragua, AG is the leading Marketplace in Central America, with more than 8 million monthly visitors and has been associated with Frontier Digital Ventures in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 2015, as well as being publicly listed in Australia. – Benzinga