In today’s modern world, consumers rely heavily on on-demand services available online to further improve and ease their lives. With short waiting time, these digital solutions offer great convenience to customers hence influencing them to utilize these services more, and further demand for innovations of this nature. Various sectors are already adapting this norm, with food, transportation, logistics, and e-commerce leading the pack. The automotive industry is getting up to pace, with online vehicle marketplace bringing innovative solutions to digital-driven car buyers.

Committed to continuously improving the car-buying journey with its stream of digital services available for consumers to enjoy without leaving their homes, the online vehicle marketplace is launching its online car buying component. The newest addition to its host of digital facilities allows car buyers to reserve their dream car online for up to 30 days in just a few clicks.

Car buyers on the go

Consumers are growing more tech-savvy and are expecting more services to be available on desktop and mobile now more than ever. According to AutoDeal’s Industry Insights 2019, 75.99% of buyers from its website shop for vehicles using their smartphones. Over 28,000 vehicles were purchased using its platform, proving that the modern car buyer goes online to look for and purchase a vehicle.

The car buyers of today do the necessary research, read and watch car reviews, and compare vehicle prices on their screens before actually purchasing a car. It takes about 45 days for a buyer to purchase after their online inquiry on AutoDeal. Over the course of 2019, there were more than 322,900 requests for quotations and test drives made on its platform.

“In 2019, we saw consumer activities that potentially mark the beginning of a paradigm shift in buying trends. On the business side, online penetration is growing, with brands investing more heavily in their online channel than ever before.”, stated Christopher Franks, AutoDeal Co-Founder.

Buying your dream car online now made possible.

The traditional process of buying a car requires a buyer to physically go to a dealership or attend an off-site event to choose the vehicle, and make the payment there or proceed to a bank branch to do so.

With AutoDeal’s ‘buy online’ feature, the customer can skip all these steps by simply heading to a screen to digitally reserve their unit in the comfort of their own home. They don’t even need to know the dealer’s bank details as this will be taken care of for them, making the process significantly convenient.

To reserve a car, car buyers need to make a vehicle selection and fill out the online reservation form on Upon keying in the details of their chosen vehicle such as vehicle make, model, variant, and color, and entering their contact information, the customer will select their dealer of choice from the website’s range of partner local dealerships.

Customers will be prompted to make their reservation payment through the website’s preferred payment gateways including PayPal, PayPal Credit, MasterCard, and GCash. The tech startup aims to add more payment methods to offer more suitable options to consumers in the coming weeks.

Once payment has been made, the customer will receive email and SMS notifications confirming the receipt of payment. They will be contacted by a partner sales representative to discuss the options available for payment completion, either through cash or auto loan. The reservation payment will be deducted from the final balance of the transaction, and will not only help customers easily reserve their vehicle of choice, but will signal to dealers the true buying intent of the customer. While customers may still opt to visit the dealership if they wish; there is now an easily accessible option for the majority of a vehicle transaction to be conducted online.

A digitized car buying experience

As advocates of a convenient car acquisition journey, AutoDeal founders Daniel Scott and Christopher Franks are always thinking of smart solutions to make the car buyers’ lives as convenient as possible. “Through this new innovation, we extend to our customers the ability to have a more seamless, faster, and more convenient car buying process. We believe that this new website feature will not only offer a safer and a more fitting way for consumers to shop but will provide dealers with a more streamlined and cost-effective method to serve their clients.”, added Franks. – BusinessWorld